Jealous Odagiri

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Fresh Fruit Pops

Yummy :3

Trying to make Rafyan Logo para sa Thread. Total wala naman akong ginagawa gawa gawa din pag may time.

Modern ang peg ng logo ginawa ko samahan pa ng mga makukulay pastel colors and simple lang siya.



Cute >.<

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This year, my feelings just went around in circles. But I hope my feelings will reach him some day.

“A healthy relationship?”


‘My first love flitted by, just like that.’

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Itazura na Kiss - Love In Tokyo

This is Japanese Version of Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss of Korean and It Started with the Kiss of Taiwan. The Korean and Taiwan Version I have not watch it yet but i no whats gonna happen cuz my friend was avid watcher of this two versions. The first adaptation of Itazura na Kiss was 199 - something it is Japanese Version. Today I am done watching Ep 1 I like main girl Honoka Miki she is so cute the guy too Yuki Furukawa after i done watch Knowing the actor and actress. Wow i was shock…the age difference between Honoka Miki and Yuki Furukawa. Yuki Furukawa (26) was much older than Honaka Miki (16). I thought the guy was 20 but 26 Wow babyyy facee