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So true….

Watching old/new music videos and performance of 2NE1. I miss them and my bias Dara.

But that woman…knows how to treat a person with honesty… And that woman, knows how to take care…of a person’s hurt feelings….and sympathize with them. That’s why…she’s my very special and precious, very lovely wife—Kim Mi Young.


Me when doing an asian drama marathon

Damn reading a webtoon that is no longer updated left me clueless, curious what’s going to happen in the next chapter. Damn me not knowing at first.

*Gun taking picture with his wife*

~Titanic Theme Song~

Min Young: Why… are… you… to me…

Gun: What do you mean why? *then let go Min Young*

I wasn’t avoiding you because I didn’t like you. I felt sorry until I was ready, so I was preparing myself to go back to you… Thank you for waiting for me, and… for staying beside me.